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Traction/Grip Questions

Not sure how our refreshable grip works? We have frequently asked questions here!

What does "refreshable traction" mean?

View our Customize Traction page.

Can I wear my Apolla Shocks® on any kind of flooring?

Apolla Shocks® come in a traction and non-traction version and can be worn on most common dance surfaces (i.e. marley, wood, gymnasium, convention carpet). The traction version will work best on marley, wood, or gymnasium flooring while the non tract

Can I use rosin with my Shocks?

YES some love just simply using rock or clear rosin to keep their grip where they prefer. HOWEVER, the overall favorite refresher is E6000 Spray Adhesive. You can purchase on our site here.

Can the traction leave residue on my dance floor?

Upon initial wear, the traction requires a “breaking in” period to get the grip to your preferred level of grip. It is also during this time, a small number of our testers reported a residue from the traction on their floors. However; it is not somet

How do I decide between traction or non-traction?

We recommend all dancers have 1 of each version of our Shocks to always have their dance needs covered on any surface in and out of the studio. However, if you need to choose here is our go-to guide to understanding our grip:

What is the traction?

Apolla has created unique traction that gives a grip you can feel when you need it and takes a backseat when you don’t. The grip also does not restrict you from feeling the floor like normal dance shoes. The bulk and seams you get underfoot in your d

Do you have a traction refresher?

Yes, you can get it here.

Where is the traction placed on the Shocks?

On the Alpha, Performance, & Infinite the traction is placed ONLY on the ball of the foot.However, due to popular demand, we have debuted the AMP in black WITH traction on the ball of the foot AND the heel! This allows mimicking a slip-on jazz or dan

Why does the AMP style have traction on the heel but other styles do not?

The AMP is a style that easily replaces a slip-on jazz/dance shoe. We offered the traction on the heel to mimic and offer a style that gives you more grip if you worry about slipping from weight in the heels.The Alpha has an open heel and provides a

My traction is slippery, help!

The unique traction is an adhesive that will (and SHOULD) start sticky. Once you break it in after a few wears and maybe even a wash for some, you will need to start using a traction refresher where you want to KEEP the traction. Many dancers use a r

The E6000 Spray isn't working, help!

If your traction started sticky and you wore it down to the grip where you want to KEEP it and you are using the E6000 to re-stick your grip? Make sure TO SHAKE THE E6000 BOTTLE WELL BEFORE EACH USE!. The unique traction is an adhesive that will (and

Can you use the traction refresher to add grip to the bottom of a NON traction Apolla sock?

No. The traction refresher works together with our patented traction base to reactivate the grip over and over for the life of your Apolla socks. You cannot use the refresher to add grip to the bottom of a NON-traction sock.