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The E6000 Spray isn't working, help!Updated 2 years ago

If your traction started sticky and you wore it down to the grip where you want to KEEP it and you are using the E6000 to re-stick your grip? Make sure TO SHAKE THE E6000 BOTTLE WELL BEFORE EACH USE!

The unique traction is an adhesive that will (and SHOULD) start sticky. Once you break it in after a few wears and maybe even a wash for some, you will need to start using a traction refresher where you want to KEEP the traction. Many dancers use a regular rock or spray rosin, or even hairspray, but the recommended refresher is E6000 Spray Adhesive that you can buy on our site, Amazon, or in any craft store. Please see this link for a 1-minute tutorial on how to refresh.

However, IF YOUR TRACTION IS SLIPPERY ON THE FIRST WEAR, and the refresher doesn't work? You might have a pair of defective traction. It doesn't happen often, but it may happen and we want to know! So PLEASE email us at [email protected] so we can help replace them.

If you do not refresh your grip...they will wear down to being slippery...if you wear your WITH traction pair on carpet or shoes, it could lessen the effects of the traction. We recommend a NON-traction style of Shocks on the carpet and in shoes.

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