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How do I decide between traction or non-traction?Updated 2 years ago

We recommend all dancers have 1 of each version of our Shocks to always have their dance needs covered on any surface in and out of the studio. However, if you need to choose here is our go-to guide to understanding our grip:

  • If you have enjoyed the level of traction provided in a typical sock on your dance floor OR if you plan to only wear your shocks in your tennis shoes, tap shoes, or on the carpet then the non-traction is for you...However, please note our Shocks do NOT have cotton.
  • If you want more traction and want control of your movement, have a very slick floor, and/or will only be wearing these directly on a dance surface, then the traction version is for you.
  • Our non-traction version works wonderfully on the carpet in a convention setting.
  • Please watch this short 1-minute video to learn how to customize & refresh our traction.
  • Still can't decide? Take this short quiz to determine which is best for you.
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