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How are the Shocks different from my regular socks or dance shoes?Updated 2 years ago

Apolla Shocks are the only footwear for dancers that provides Arch support, Ankle stability, energy Absorption (our 3 A’s), and our customizable traction. Our targeted compression for key insertion points of the feet helps to lift, support, and remove inflammation. Dancers suffer TWICE the injuries from the knee down as football players…and 65% of those injuries occur from repetitive strain, overuse, and inflammation. Apolla Shocks show off your feet more than any dance shoe or on the market. They are as durable or more so than your dance shoes or socks. What really makes them special is our option of traction and how you can customize it. For all other dancer footwear, you are not able to change the traction based on the style of dance or the floor. However, with Apolla Shocks you are able to get the Shocks with NO traction (which is great in shoes and on the carpet at conventions), or you can get it with our unique traction that is meant to be worn down to your level of grip then you use a traction refresher to keep the grip the life of the Shocks. For more information on our traction (and our short 1-minute video tutorial on how to refresh the grip) please click HERE.

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