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General Questions About Apolla Socks

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How are the Shocks different from my regular socks or dance shoes?

Apolla Shocks are the only footwear for dancers that provides Arch support, Ankle stability, energy Absorption (our 3 A’s), and our customizable traction. Our targeted compression for key insertion points of the feet helps to lift, support, and remov

Are Apolla Shocks sold as pairs?

Yes, all Apolla Shocks come as pairs.

What colors are available in the Shocks?

Each style comes in a wide variety of colors. Please go to each product page to see the color's available for each style. https://www.apollaperformance.com/pages/shop-by-profile

What is the difference between Nude-One, Nude-Two, and Nude-Three?

The nudes go from light to dark, Nude-One being the lightest option, Nude-Two being a medium-dark option, and Nude-Three being our darkest mocha option. All our nude tones are meant to compliment a wide range of skin tones, not match. We are a compan

Why do I need the Apolla mesh bag?

The Apolla mesh bag is perfect for consistent care and laundering of your Apolla Shocks®:

Why compression for dancers?

DID YOU KNOW? Dancer injury rates are TWICE the amount as football players from the knee down? It’s true! Most of those dancer injuries are caused by overuse, repetitive strain & inflammation (65% from the knee down). This inflammation causes pain, a

Shoe vs. Shock?

For years, dancers have worn dance shoes they think make dancing easier, what they are told is “right” to wear in class and what is “traditional”. In reality, the available footwear options are poorly made, uncomfortable, and provide zero support. Ma

I have feedback for Apolla, how do I contact you?

[email protected] WE LOVE FEEDBACK!

Are there any other colors? When are you adding more colors?

What you see available on the website is what is available in each style; however, we look forward to expanding those options as we continue to grow. We do create our products and colors by demand so if there is something you want to see, please let

Does Apolla have retail locations?

You can find all Apolla-approved retailers on our retail locator (enter your zip code to see if there is one near you): https://www.apollaperformance.com/apps/store-locator

How do I get points for referring people?

Once you set up your Apolla Rewards account, you can refer new customers here: https://www.apollaperformance.com/pages/refer. Simply type the email of the person you want to refer and click “NEXT”. That person will receive a PROMO code for $5 off the

How can I earn Rewards points to get money off future purchases?

Setting up a Rewards account is easy and takes just a few moments. You can sign up for your Apolla Rewards account here: https://www.apollaperformance.com/account/register. Once you create your account, you should see any points you have accumulated

I see each style in different places on your website? What is the difference?

We have 2 different sections of our website: one for compression socks and one that speaks directly to dancers. Fun Fact: we are lifelong dancers and started making this footwear to address the staggering injury rates of dancers and the lack of suppo

Can you dye Apolla socks?

While we have never tested this ourselves, many of our customers have found success dying the white AMP (no-show) or the white Performance (crew) and recommend the “Dye More” line.

I would love to gift someone I know a pair of Apolla socks? How do I do that?

Apolla socks make the perfect gift of support! You can purchase a gift card here: https://www.apollaperformance.com/products/gift-card. Gift cards are delivered by email to the email of the purchaser and contain instructions to redeem them at checkou

How can I follow Apolla on social media?

We would love for you to join our community on social media. Please follow us on these platforms:

Where are Apolla socks made?

Apolla socks are 100% sourced and made in the USA. We manufacture in Conover, NC.

Where do Apolla socks ship from?

Our fulfillment center is located in Tucson, AZ and all of our products are shipped from there.

I see a lot of information about dancers on your website but I’m not a dancer? Can I still wear Apolla socks?

Absolutely! Apolla socks are for anyone with feet. For more information on our compression socks, visit: https://www.apollaperformance.com/pages/shop-by-profile. Fun fact, we are lifelong dancers and started making this footwear to address the stagge

I lost one of my socks…can I just buy one to replace it?

Apolla socks are sold in pairs; however if you contact us via email, text, call, live chat, or DM, we will certainly see if we have a single laying around that might help….no promises, but we will always try!

Do they help with Neuropathy?

Please note, the feet are fickle and every person's individual anatomical structure can vastly vary. What works for many feet, will not work for ALL feet. Please always know beforehand from your doctor if you have any contraindications to the compres

Do they help with Plantar Fasciitis?

They absolutely do! All of our socks (besides the K-Warmer) have the same patented, targeted arch support. Our arch support is created through targeted high compression zones of 20-30 mmHg to lift and stabilize the plantar fascia in key insertion poi

Do they help with swelling?

They absolutely do! All of our socks have the same patented, targeted arch support. Our arch and ankle support is created through targeted high compression zones of 20-30 mmHg to lift and stabilize the plantar fascia in key insertion points but also

How Long Should you Wear Compression Socks?

While we do hear of customers wearing our socks while they sleep...it really depends on your body, your health, how long you wore them all day, contraindications, and doctor recommendations. THIS ARTICLE explains more.

Can these replace my dance shoes?

Absolutely! They will support and protect you better than anything on the market! However, we recommend you check out THIS ARTICLE to learn more about the research and stats.

Will they make my foot weak? Foot Strength Information HERE!

Apolla socks lift and stabilize the feet without restricting the range of motion. So we are able to reduce the injury-inducing inflammation while exercising and help enhance recovery when not. They really do help you do what you love longer and stron

Do they help with hypermobility or EDS?

Yes, they do! They help with proprioception, alignment awareness, and biofeedback. They stabilize without restricting the range of motion and help reduce swelling and inflammation-related pain. Learn more about hypermobility HERE.

Will this help the pain in the ball of my foot? Please tell me more about the padding?

Apolla socks have knit-in energy absorption pads and customers rave about how it has helped with any inflammation-related pain in the balls of the feet, i.e. sesamoiditis. We consider our padding the "goldilocks" of padding...not too thick and not to