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Do they help with swelling?Updated 2 years ago

They absolutely do! All of our socks have the same patented, targeted arch support. Our arch and ankle support is created through targeted high compression zones of 20-30 mmHg to lift and stabilize the plantar fascia in key insertion points but also to reduce swelling. The quality of our compression is unlike any other on the market, and they are highly engineered to provide optimal reduction of inflammation and swelling in the feet, ankles, and for certain styles the calves and knees. So they all help provide relief where your feet need it most. It really depends on your preference of profile you would want to wear most often.  I would take a look at all of our profiles HERE and start with the style you wear most often. If you will wear ANY style? We would look to start in the crew or mid-calf to start as they provide the most support. 

Please note, the feet are fickle and every person's individual anatomical structure can vastly vary. What works for many feet, will not work for ALL feet. Please always know beforehand from your doctor if you have any contraindications to the compression levels of our socks. Know that our socks have the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means they are good for your feet. However, if for any reason they do not work for YOUR feet? We will always troubleshoot with you to make sure to get you in a style/size you love and if nothing works? You can return them for free and a full refund! 

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