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Sizing Questions

Are you borderline? Not sure what your size is? We got answers!

What is my size?

View our Size Chart

If I am younger than 12 OR very petite for my age OR have a very narrow foot does that change my size for the Infinite, Performance or the Alpha Shock?

Infinite and Performance Shock sizing may vary based on foot size and age. You may consider selecting one size smaller if: If you are younger than 11 years of age, are very petite, or have a very long/narrow foot but have a larger size of foot. For e

If I have a very wide foot, does that change my size?

If you have a very wide foot and are on the top end of the size range listed, you may choose to go up a size in the Alpha Shock. For example, if you are a size 7.5 with a wide foot, you may be more comfortable in a size Large Alpha Shock instead of t

Is my size the same in all styles of Apolla socks

All styles of Apolla socks size a bit differently so be sure to check the size chart

How do you determine foot size?

Our size chart goes by US street shoe size (think tennis shoes or sneakers)

Do you have Apolla socks for kids?

Apolla socks accommodate a wide range of sizes. All styles of Apolla socks (except the K-Warmer which is one size), size XS-XL. An extra small starts at around a youth 13 and we have sized all the way up to an adult male size 14. Click here to see ou

I have wide feet and/OR bunions. Do you have a style that will fit my feet?

The Infinite (mid-calf) is a great option for wider feet and/or people who have metatarsal injuries or bunions that are irritated by pressure because it provides a roomier fit in the toe box. However, if your feet are considered extra wide feet, our

Are there Male or Female Sock Sizes?

Apolla Socks are for anyone with feet! 😉 While we are an all-female-owned company and our roots are as dancers, we created this company for anyone that needs a hand (or a foot) to reach their goals!  So yes, our socks are Unisex for all!  You will s