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Fit By Style

How does each profile fit? We break it down style by style.

How does the Alpha Shock fit?

The Alpha Shock style is intended to be a very snug fit. Intended for those dancers that like buying their dance shoes nice and snug or for customers that may have narrow feet and like their socks to fit snugly. This is to eliminate the annoyance of

How does the Infinite (mid-calf) fit?

The Infinite (mid-calf profile) is intended to give your toes a little more freedom to spread out. It gives you the freedom of a sock but with full coverage protection and maximum support. The graduated compression on the profile provides a snug hug

How does the Performance (crew profile) fit?

The Performance (crew profile) fits just like the Infinite with a few differences:A lower profile with the top of the sock should hit below the bottom of the calf and a softer opening for ease of getting onSleeker cut in the toes make for a comfy but

How does the AMP (no-show) fit?

The AMP fits exactly like the foot of the Performance fits except:

How does the Joule (barefoot style) fit?

The Joule is thin, light, and provides comfortable and effective arch and ankle support while leaving the ball of your foot and heel exposed. Giving you options to wear this style in any shoe or barefoot. If the turn-welt at the end of the Joule come

How does the K-Warmer (legwarmer) fit?

This is not your 1980s legwarmer! The Kinesio Warmer is snug with consistent compression throughout that provides your legs with the support you don’t even realize you are craving. Your legs, knees, and calves will thank you! They are sleek so they d