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The Shocks I selected say they are Pre-Order, what does that mean?Updated 2 years ago

As a small business, we are working very hard to keep up with the demand for our Apolla Socks. So every so often SKU may go out of stock and will be on backorder with an estimated shipping date. If your order was out of stock when you purchased it, you will have clicked to place a PRE-ORDER. That means you are paying for the item now and getting in line for when the stock arrives and will ship. If you have one item in your order that IS in stock and one that is NOT, that will delay the entire order from shipping. This is to save on shipping costs. However, if you would like to have all of the IN-STOCK items shipped in your order before the pre-order item arrives, the estimated ship date, you can pay for two shipments. Please email [email protected] to arrange special shipping and fees.

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