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My package has not arrived, help!Updated 2 years ago

Please first check your tracking number

  • You would have received your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email or you can also click HERE to review and track your order at any time.
  • Once orders leave our fulfillment center, we, unfortunately, do not have control over the shipment. They are shipped via USPS, this is the same post office that delivers your mail every day.
  • LET’S TROUBLESHOOT: Here are common solutions we have found to always check first.
    • Often customers are not aware the package will arrive via USPS, so it will be in your mailbox.
    • Is it too soon? International orders are shipped standard First Class USPS (unless it is a large bulk order or otherwise arranged with Apolla). This means it can take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
      • For US orders it can take 3-5 business days for standard First Class shipping to arrive…and up to 4 business days for Priority Shipping.
      • So please check the calendar of when your order shipped to make sure it is not just still in transit.
    • Please check if your order was grabbed by someone else in your house, or if someone else got your mail.
    • Could a neighbor have gotten your package?
    • Check on your original order confirmation that the shipping address was correct.
    • If you shipped Priority Shipping, the mailperson could POSSIBLY make the 2nd trip…so it can arrive by 8 pm in your mailbox. So check twice after 8 pm your time zone.
    • Are you an international order? Take your tracking number to your local post office. They will have the best visibility on your package.
    • The local post office MIGHT be waiting for you to come to pay import duties (for international orders)
    • Sometimes a mail person will mark the package has been delivered at the beginning of a route and the package has not actually got to you yet, please give it until the end of the day then check again. 
  • If you have checked all of the above and still have not gotten your package, please go to your local post office with your tracking number. If they can not locate the package, please DO reach out to us so we can see if we can assist you in any way we can. We want to make sure you get your Socks!

    Email us at [email protected].

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