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What does “anatomically correct” mean?Updated 2 years ago

All of our Apolla Shocks® have a Right and a Left foot and must be worn on the correct foot to be effective and have the optimal fit.

Infinite, Performance, and AMPs: On the back inside cuff of the calf you will see a knit in "R" (right) and "L" (left). To know the correct foot to wear.

Alphas: Due to the sleek design of the Alpha Shocks, the Right/Left designation is not labeled however; you can tell by simply looking at your Shocks. Place your Shocks on the ground, energy absorption side facing down. You will notice the silhouette of the toes of the Shock is diagonal in the outline. The highest point of the toes should be on the inside of the foot and will hold the big toe. Please match up and wear accordingly.

Joules & KWarmers do not have toes, so they do not have a right and left...but they do have a right side up! Please see our quick video tutorial on How To Wear them

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