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My Apolla socks feel very tight. Should I exchange for the next size up?Updated 2 years ago

Every foot is different, and it is possible you are in the wrong size. You also may just need help getting them on. 

Having trouble getting them on? For those having trouble getting them on, we recommend you check out this link with videos as they may help to see how to put them on correctly, tricks to getting them on easier, make sure they are on the correct feet, etc. Please click here: https://www.apollaperformance.com/pages/how-to-wear 

Inside tip for comfort? For some the pain relief is truly instant...but for a few people with less malleable feet (often rigidity of the feet comes with age), our compression socks can be too intense to wear for long hours straight out of the box. Just like orthotics or contact lenses...you need to build up a tolerance. So if you have more rigid feet? Wear these in 1-2 hour increments for 3-5 days building up to wearing them more hours to really see the full benefit of our socks long-term. You need to break them in and allow the joints, arteries, nerves, veins, etc. in your feet to adjust. However, PLEASE NOTE, we always recommend customers check with their doctors before wearing our socks for guidance on any contraindications in wearing compression. If you are experiencing any pain for multiple days, please do not keep wearing them. Every foot is different and you should not have pain wearing our socks. We will be happy to send you a label to return them if they are not working for your foot. 

However, the more you wear and wash them, they really soften and become like a glove, and because they are like a glove, sometimes you just need a different style or fit. We encourage you to reach out to our customer service team so we can ask you more specific questions and make a sizing recommendation. You can contact us via:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Text Us: (817) 203-4093
  • Live chat (look for the chat bubble in the bottom right corner)
  • DM us on our social media platforms (@apollaperformance on FB/Instagram/TikTok)
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