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How do I best put on my Infinite and Performance Shocks?Updated 2 years ago

Please take a look at our How To Wear page for more directions on how our compression socks should fit.

This is a compression garment. Knowing the first few times you put it on takes practice. However, it will become very easy once you have worn it a few times.

Put your Infinites/Performance Shocks on like you would put on tights.

All Apolla Shocks® are anatomically correct with a left and right foot. On the back inside cuff of the calf, you will see a knit-in "R" (right) and "L" (left). To know the correct foot to wear on.

  1. Make sure knit-in energy absorption is facing the ground when you put them on.
  2. Roll the sleeve of the Shock down and scrunch down to the toes with your thumbs on the inside.
  3. Fill out the toes and ball of the foot.
  4. Completely stretch the sock back over your heel and pull it up over the calf.
  5. The Y stitch in the heel should be the center of your heel diagonally.
  6. Smooth out any wrinkles so the fabric lays flat on your feet and calves.
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