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General questions on the styles and how to know what works for you.

My socks feel tight and I have a hard time getting them on… any tips?

YES! We have several tips and tricks on how to wear each style on THIS PAGE

Am I able to wear my Shocks over my dance tights?

Absolutely! The beauty of the Shocks is they feel like a sock but wear like a shoe so you get the best of both worlds whether that be over tights, in your shoes or worn alone! The Joule Shock is especially made to wear over or under tights and in sho

Is there a Shock that I can wear in my shoes?

YES! Any of our shoes with no traction are great in shoes. However, for shoes that you normally wear only tights or bare feet in, we recommend the Joule.

Is there a Shock that I can have arch support and ankle stability AND be barefoot while dancing or yoga?

YES! Check out the Joule! It was made to provide support for those that need to dance or do yoga barefoot.

Is there a Shock style that can give me support for my knees or calves?

YES! The K-Warmer provides calves, knees, thighs and shins wonderful warmth, support and comfort. SHOP NOW

What is the fiber content of Apolla socks?

The Fiber content is broken out per style below:

Is it a sock or a Shock?! What is the difference?

Is it a sock or a Shock?! Let us clear up any confusion… dancers call them SHOCKS because they are the benefit of a SHoe and the comfort of a sOCK…with the added option of grip, they easily replace their footwear making them so much MORE than a sock.

What are compression socks?

We recommend you read THIS ARTICLE and THIS VIDEO is also super helpful! 😊

Why compression socks? What do they do different than other socks?

We recommend you read THIS ARTICLE and THIS VIDEO is also super helpful! 😊

What Does mmHg mean? What is Apolla's mmHg?

Apolla socks find the "goldilocks" zone for compression is our targeted 20-30 mmHg zones. To learn more about what that means, THIS ARTICLE is great!

What style is best for ankle support or ankle sprains??

We have three styles that provide wonderful ankle support and you can vary what you want based on your needs. The crew (The Performance) is a great profile option for everyday support and wear, it is our best seller! The mid-calf (the Infinite) adds

How are these for diabetics?

Each person is different but we have many diabetic customers who tell us Apolla socks help relieve some of the symptoms and pain related to diabetes, swelling, and fatigue. If you do not have wide calves, our socks can definitely be great. The Perfor